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bakery business name ideas

Are you opening a new bakery and need cute bakery name ideas? Here are hundreds of catchy bakery names and great logo examples to name your baking business. This ultimate list of memorable bakery names is filled with hundreds of creative, cute, unique, edgy, funny, and cute bakehouse name ideas! 

Now selecting a good bakery company name is a piece of cake! Sweet!

Best Bakery Name Ideas for Your New Bakery

Tout de Sweet CakesCake Me ProudSweet Humble Pie
Bake Love, Not WarPie or DieCakes in a hurry
Bake It to the LimitCake My DayThe Baker’s Heart
Bake It StopMaking DoughSweet Exchange
Golden Toast BakeshopCake Me Home TonightBake Me Home Tonight
Cinnamint BakeryCake DistrictSweet Wave
Soulzz PiesMy Soul To CakeMr. Sugarcakes
Flour Power BakeryBake ThatSweet Dough Desserts
Sweet ItBake on MeMrs. Sugarcakes
The Bakery BoxBake-up artistPies and Dreams Bakery
Bread BingeCake Me OutOffice Sweet
Daily Fix BakeryBake My Breath AwaySweetly Sugared
Frosted BakeryPie WholeSprinkle Sweet Cakes
Hotcake Bake ShopMouthfulsKrumb-Krushers
Cocoa CornerSweet SalvationMy Soul To Bake
Baked Off BakersKneads BakeryFlour Babies Bakery
Nutty BakerBuns and Roses BakerySweet Butter Cupcakes
The ButterfingersButter the BreadThe Sugarbun Sisters
Sweetway BakerySugarboo BakerySweeter Side

Check out these great bakery name ideas (with bakery logo examples) for your inspiration. This is the ultimate list of catchy, creative, and unique business names for your bakeshop (for home-based, cakes, sweets, and pastry shops too!).

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Loads of bakery name suggestions that are sweet and cute, a few French, and some brand name suggestions for gluten-free & healthy bakeries. Plus cute and memorable puns to brand your cake business, cupcake companydonut shop or bread bakery.

List of The Best Bakery Names Ideas

Cute Bakery Names – That Are Available

Here are some cute and creative bakery names that are unique and memorable – just like your sweet baked goods! These will work equally well for bakeries, cake shops, bread bakers, wedding cake creators, pie shops, and dessert party caterers.

A Bun in the Oven Bakery
Buns of Steel Bakery
Cake My Day Bakery
Do You Know the Muffin Man?
Easy as Cake
Flour Power Bakery
For Goodness Cakes
Grandma’s Bakery
Holy Cannoli
Pretty Baked
Sweet Cheeks Cakes
Top of the Muffin To Ya
Torte Reform
Wake and Bake Bakery
We Make Cake

Creative Bakery Names

Starting a bakery is hard work even for a passionate, and talented, baker such as yourself. Up your odds of success by naming your bakeshop (retail, wholesale, or distributor) with a great name that your customers will love and remember (and tell their friends too!).

Funny Bakery Names & Pun Cake Shops Names

Naming your bakery with a funny name is a great idea because bakeries are happy and fun places! Also, people like and remember funny names, so using a silly pun name for your new bakery will make your bakeshop brand more memorable.

Puns are jokes that exploit the different possible meanings of words – a play on words that work well for funny and catchy baking business names. An example is … American Dream transformed to American Cream Bakery.

5 Easy Steps to Create a Funny Bakery Name

  1. Make a list of related phrases – pies, cake, bake, cookie, pastry, sweet, creamy, etc
  2. Use this online pun generator tool – create a big list of possibilities
  3. Customize for your personal brand – add your name, baked good specialty, and location
  4. Search for available web domain name FREE here
  5. Select your perfect bakery name and register it for FREE at Incfile here

Get a Baking Business Name That Rhymes

Using a rhyming name can make your brand more memorable such as StubHub and 7-Eleven.

Business names that rhyme has a musical quality that helps them stick in customers’ minds. Here’s a rhyme tool that I like to use in the same manner as the pun tool mentioned above.

I used the word “cookie” in the free online tool and created these fun baking business name ideas:

Cookie Rookie
Cookie Bookie
Cookie Boogie
Nooky Cookie
Goodie Cookie

To get you started here’s a list of funny bakery names – that are available right now!

American Cream
Cake my Day
Live Free or Pie
Good Food Mood
Baking Love
Sweet Smiles
Baking Bad
Baking the Dead
Baking Out
Baking up early
Heartbreak Cake
Ache for Cake
Brake for Cake
Cake Flake
Sweet Cheat Cake Bakers
Meet for Sweets Café
Sweet Greets Bakery

Modern Bakery Names

For you modern business owners who are ready to open their own bakeshop,  you need a name that’s fresh, new, and thoroughly modern – not stuffy and old-fashioned like your grandma’s bakery name!

To brainstorm a modern bakery name idea, start by writing down a list of modern-styled related words and phrases to use in your naming strategy.

Contemporary bakeries could use words in their business name such as; simple, graceful, elegant, minimal, minimalistic, artistic, beautiful, stylish, tasteful, chic, stylish, new, edgy, hip, innovative, trendy, on-trend, on point, a la mode, le mode, contemporary, current, avant-garde, cutting edge, cool, futuristic, Contempo, fresh, neo, with it, today and now.

To get you started here’s a list of the most modern bakery names – that are available right now!

Minima Bakery
Chic Treats
Gossamer Cakes
Future Favorites
Petite Baker
Le Mode Bakery
Chic Sweets
Todays’ Delights
On Trend Treats
Sweet Grace
Elegant Tarts
Sweet Art
Pie Chic
Sweet Style
Fresh Bake
New Tastes
Delicious Chic
On Point Pies
Fresh Cream

Vintage Bakery Name Ideas

The best way to brainstorm a vintage-style bakery name idea is to start by thinking up and writing down a list of related words and phrases.

Vintage bakeries could use words in their brand name such as retro, old-fashioned, mama, grandmother, days gone by, classic, mature, rare, nostalgic, traditional, old-world, ancient, antique, old-time, bygone, old-school, olden days and corny.

To get you started here’s a list of the best vintage bakery names – that are available right now!

Retro Pies
Good Old-Fashioned Cookies
Grandma’s Secret Recipes Bakery
The Nostalgic Cake Shop
Old School Bread Bakery
Classic Pastries
Mama’s Best Bakery
Days Gone By Sweetshop
Treats Of Bygone Times

How to Open a Bakery in Your State

Thinking about starting a bakery? Learn how to open your own bakery with these step-by-step business guides specifically written for your US State requirements (Come back and visit again since more states are being published regularly)

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Amazin’ Glazin’ Wedding Cakes
Angel’s Delights Cakes Bakery
Anytime is a Good Time for Cake!
Artsy Tartsy – French Bakery
Bake Away Cafe
Bake Off Cake Winners
Bread and Butter Bakery
Cherry Topped Sweets Bakery
As The Cookie Crumbles
Cookie Machine Bakery
Creamy Creations
Creative Sweets & Cakes
Cupcake Nation
Dessertopia Bakery
Disco Danish Bakery
Dreamy Pies Bakery
Flour Shower of Cakes Bakery
Frosted Bliss Bakers
Grandma’s Recipes Only Bakehouse

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Hole in One Donuts (PS try a different spelling such as  doughnuts)Hole in One Donuts
Holy Cannoli Bakery
Hot Crossed Buns Sweet Shop
Jake’s Cakes Bakery
Layers of Cake
Marnie’s Sweets Bakery
Nutty Creations Bakery
Pastry Emporium
Patty Cakes Bakery Bagels & More
Pie in the Sky Bakery
Praise Pastries Bakery
Rolls that Rock!
Skippity Scones
Snickerdoodles Bakery
Sugar Pies Bakery
Sweet Cake Indulgences Bakery
Queen of Tarts Bakery
Red Velvet Bakery

ATT NEW BAKERY OWNERS: You’ll want to avoid these common mistakes and start your bakery off on the right foot. Read our tips for avoiding some of the most common, costly startup errors.

Sweetie Pies

Baker’s Basket
Bakers Room
Mom’s Bread Basket
The Bread Box
The Cake Corner Bakery
The Chocolate Chippers Bakery
The CinnaMan Bakery

Doughy Knots
Danish Dreams
Santa’s Gingerbread Houses
The Big Mix-Up
The Muffin Man
The Muffin Mam

Nutty Bakers
The Pi Chart Geeky Bakers
Upper Crust
Warm Delights
Yum! I Love Cake!

Home Bakery Name Ideas

As a home baker, you have a distinct advantage over commercial bakeries since most people prefer the taste of delicious home-baked goods over store-bought cakes, cookies, and pies.

So use this positive consumer impression in your brand name by blending in “homey” words in your bakery company name. Get started brainstorming a great home-based bakery name idea by listing related words and phrases.

Your home bakery name could use words in your company brand name such as homemade, from the kitchen of, loving home, small, precious, petite, family, local, down-home, homey, native, cottage, cabin, homestead, home plate, hometown, fireside, and neighborhood.

To get you started fast here’s a list of good home bakery names – that are available right now!

Locally Baked
Home-Baked Happiness
Hearth Home Bakery
Hometown Desserts
Loving Home Cakes
Precious Pies
Cottage Baked
Neighborhood Sweet Treats
Sweet Family Treats
Homestead Bakery
Fireside Bread Bakers
Down Home Bakery

Cake Shop Bakery Name Ideas

Your custom cake decorating business, whether it be wedding cakes or wholesale cake and dessert distribution, needs these first-rate names to attract customers, stand out from your competition in your marketplace. Selecting an inspired name for your cake shop will make your advertising slogans more powerful and compelling to prospective buyers.

If you are thinking about starting a bakery, do not miss this article! Bakery Starting Guide

3-D Cakes
Absolutely Muffin
All For Your Cakes
Baby Cakes Bakery
Better Batter Baking
Buns & Things Bakery
Buttercup Cake Shop
Cake a Diem Bakery

Online Bakery Name Ideas

I recommend starting to brainstorm some online bakery name ideas by writing down a list of related words and phrases to best describe your baked goods including the benefits of your customer’s ability to order baked goods online.

Online bakeries could use words in their website names such as one-click, mobile, delivered, Internet, site, linked, connected, plugged in, wired, and network. Check out these great bakery website themes here

To get you started here’s a list of the best online bakery names – that are available right now!

Cookie Network
Cakes Wired
One Click Treats
Mobile Pies
Sweet Links Bakery
Desserts Delivered
Plugged In Baked Goods
Connected To Cream
Sweet Site Bakery

How to Open a Bakery in Your State

Thinking about starting a bakery? Learn how to open your own bakery with these step-by-step business guides specifically written for your US State requirements (Come back and visit again since more states are being published regularly)

How to Open Your Bakery Business in California

How to Start a Baking Business in Florida

How to Open a Bakery in Illinois: Business Startup Guide

How to Start a Bakery in New York: Step by Step Guide

How to Open Your Bakery in Texas, USA

How to Open a Bakery in Virginia: Business Startup Guide

Cake and Crumb Bakery
Cake Couture Bakery
Cake for All Bakery
Cake Lake Bakery
Cake me up, before you go-go Cake Shop
Cake Momma Cake Shop
Cake n Bake Shop
Cake Pops – Cake Shop
Cake Superior Cake Shop
Cake, Battle and Roll

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Cakes and Happiness Bakery
Cakewalkers Bakery
Coffee Break Cakes
Confection Connection
Couple o’ Cakes
Crumbs Cake Shop
Crummiest Cakes
Doughy Delights
Earth Quake Cakes
Fluffy Buns Bakery
Have Your Cake & Eat it Too!
Cake Culture Bakery

House of Cakes
Icing on the Cake Bakery
In Your Face Cakes
Joyful Cakes Cake Shop
Just Cakes Bakery
Led Zeppoli Bakery
Let Them Eat Cake
Mr. Cake
Muffin Top Bakery
Not Just Cakes Bakery
Nothing Batter Cakes
Nutty Cakes Bakery
Patty-Cake Bakery
Piece of Cake
Plentiful Pastries
Snack Rack
Sweet Sprinkles
Sticky Buns Sticky Fingers
Who’s Your Sugar Daddy?
Sugar Sweet Bakery
Sweet Pea Cakes
Sweet Surrender

Sweetie Pies Bakery
Sweets Bakery
Take the Cake
The Cake Bake
The Cake Gallery

The Cake Lair
The Cake Whisperer
The Cakery Bakery
The Cakesmith
The Family Cake Company
The Great EsCake
The Rolling Scones Bakery
The Sweet Spot Cake Shop
The Vanilla Bean Cake Shop
Little Tiers of Joy Cake Shop
United Cakes of America Bakery
Wake & Bake
You Knead This Cake Bakery

Cupcake Bakery Names – Not Taken!

Your cupcake company needs the perfect name, one which is sweet, cute and inspiring – just like your luscious beautiful cupcakes.

21 Cupcakes
A Pinch of Sprinkles
Crazy Cupcakes Bakery
Bakeoff Winners
Cupcake Blvd
Cupcake Couture Bakery
Cupcake Junkies
Cupcake Nation Bakery
Queen of Cupcakes

Cupcake Wizard
Georgia Cupcakes
Holy Cupcakes!
Red Velvet Bakery
Sea of Cupcakes

So Yummy
Sugarcraft Boutique
Sugarlips Cupcakes
Whipped Bakery

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Ideas for Dessert Shop Business Names

>> How to Name Your Restaurant in 6 Easy Steps

Yummy Tummy Bakery
Italian Dolce Vita
Simply Sweet
Heavenly Desserts Bakery Cafe
Gingerbread House Bakery
Cakealicous Bakery Cafe
Sweet Endings Bakery
Double Dip Desserts
Dessert Passion
Dutch Sweets Bakery Cafe

Cheesecake Bakery Names

Have you ever thought about opening a cheesecake bakery? I think it would be great! If you need some help with name ideas, here are some: Sweet Cheesecake Bakeshop, Mary’s Little Cheesecakes, and lots more here …

Berry Good Cheesecakes
Bite of Bliss
Charmed Cheesecakes
Cheesecake Gal
Cheesy Cakes
Cheezecake Cafe
Craveable Cheesecake Shop
Creamy Cow Cheesecakes
Creamy Delights Cheesecakes
Decadent Cheesecakes
Elegant Licks Cheesecake
Enchanted Cheesecakes

ATT NEW BAKERY OWNERS: You’ll want to avoid these common mistakes and start your bakery off on the right foot. Read our tips for avoiding some of the most common, costly startup errors.

Fancy Cheesecakes
Good Cheesecake Bakers
Gooey and Creamy Cheesecakes
Indulgent Cheesecakes
Joyful Bites
Live it Up! Cheesecakes
Luxe Cheesecake
Madame Cheesecake
Mamma Recipe Cheesecake
Mr. Cheesecake
One Sweet Slice
Privileged Cheesecakes – Check Availability
Pure Cakery – Check Availability
Richly Delicious Cheesecake
Sweetest Cheesecake Bakery
Velvety Cheesecakes

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Pie Shops and Bakery Name Ideas

Naming a pie bakery is not easy!

Pies come in all shapes and sizes, so countless types of names can be used successfully.
Want a Short and sweet name idea? Pie Shop Bakery. What type of pie is your specialty? If it’s an apple, then “Apple Pie Pies” might have a nice ring to it. Or “Perfectly Pie.”

Find your perfect pie bakery name on this list of unique bakery ideas that are not taken and available for you to use to brand your new business.

Apple Orchard Pie Shop
Berry Pie Bakes
Cherry Pie Bakery
Crusty Crust Bakery
Flaky Layers Pies
From Slice to Slice Pie
From Slice to Slice Pie
Fruitful Pie Shop
Fruity Fun Pies
I Dream of Pies
Mom’s Homemade Pie Co
Pi Pies
Pie & Co
Pie Alley
Pie Crazy
Pie Everyday
Pie Foolish
Pie Maestro Bakery
Pie Stuff
Pieces of Peace Pie Shop
Pies and Friends
Pies Pies Pies
Plum Crazy for Pies
Pretty Pie Ladies
Rover’s Rolling Pies
The Flaky Pie Company
The Wonder Pie
Tickle me Sweet Pies

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Bread Bakery Name Ideas

Good business names for a bread company need to be different than other types of confectionery titles. Unforgettable bread baking brands will sell your loaves hot out of the oven. Customers will line up outside of your bread-making bakery waiting to buy.

Beyond Bread
Born and Bread
Born and Bread in YOUR CITY NAME

Bread & Butter Bakery
Bread Bazar
Breaking Bread
Chief Bread Maker

Flour Box
Grateful Bread
I bake it you take it
Knead Bread?
Knead to Know Bread
Knead the Dough Bakery
Loaf Oaf
Love + Flour
Simply Bread
Stop and Smell the Flours
The Bread Basket

Ideas for Donut Shop Names

Naming your donut business well is critical to your bakery’s long-term success. These sweet and clever names are perfect for donut and coffee shops.

360 Smiles Donut
8th Street Donuts
Ace’s Donuts
All About The Glaze
All Good Donuts
Amazing Glaze Doughnut Shop
Around The Block Donuts
Bear Claw Bakery
Bella’s Beignets
Chocolate Sprinkles
Crazy Doughnuts
Cute as a Button Donuts
Darling Doughnuts
Dawn of the Doughnuts
Dirty Dozen Donuts
Donut Baby
Donut Delight
Donut Empire
Donut Fantasy
Donut Queen
Donut Temptation
Donut Time!
Donuts Ahoy!
DoubleDough Doughnuts
Doughbie Brothers Doughnuts
DownHome Doughnuts
Dream It Donuts
Drunkin’ Donuts
Dunkin’ Pumpkin Donuts
Dynomite Donuts
Fairfield Donut Holes
Fantastic Donuts
Fat Bottom Donuts
Fried and Frosted
Frosted D nuts
Frosted Fritters
FunNuts Donuts
Get Baked Gourmet Doughnuts
Glazers Bakery
Guilty Pleasures Donuts

Happy Doughnut Holes
Happy Time
Heavenly Donuts
Hole-in-One Donuts
Holey Moley Donuts
Hot Nuts Donuts
House of Dough
Inferno Donuts
Joe-Nuts Coffee Shop
Jolly Jelly Doughnuts
Knock-Knock Donuts
Master Donuts
Mrs. D’s Donuts
Mt. Donut
No-Nuts Donuts
Nuts for Donuts
Oh Nuts! Donuts
Ringer’s Donuts
Rotten Sprinkles Donut Holes
San Diego Dough
Sensational Donuts
Simply Donuts
Slam Dunk Doughnuts
Smash Nuts
Smile Maker Donut Baker
Speedway Donuts
Stairs To Heaven Donuts
Sugar Addicts Doughnuts
Sugar N’ Spice Donuts
Sweet Ginger Doughnuts

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Sweet Pecan’s Doughnuts & Pastries
Tap Dance Donuts
Taste of Heaven Donuts
Temptations Donuts
The Baker’s Dozen
The Coconut Donut
The Crusty Cruller
The Delicious Dozen
The Digital Donut Cafe
The Donut Chef
The Donut Fairy
The Donut Hole & Bakery
The Donut Sweetheart
The Donut Toss
The Donutery
The Duke of Dough
The Golden Ring
The Gourmet Doughnut
The Happy Baker
The Hollow Baked
The King’s Donuts
The O-Zone Donut
The Smell Around The Corner
The Toasted Coconut Donut
Vanilla Vegan Doughnut Shop
We Knead Doughnuts
X’s and O’s Donuts
Zombie Donuts

Unique terms for cookie businesses that will sweeten your business success. Have fun with these cookie baking business names that are not taken and available to use for your new bakery. A Cookie a Day keeps everyone smiling!

Baker’s Dozen
Cookie Monster Bakes
Cookieland Bakery
Milk and Cookies Shop
Monster Cookies
Sweet Desires Bakery
The Cookie Jar Bakery
A Cookie a Day
Chic Cookies Inc
Company of Cookies
Cookie Addicts Bakery
Cookie Art Creations
Cookie Bar Bakers
Cookie Bliss
Cookie Chippers
Cookie Crafters
Cookie Cutters
Cookie Happiness
Cookie Love Bakery
Cookie Maniac
Cookie Spa
Cookies and Milk
Coolest Cookies
Crafty Cookies
Crisp & Chewy Bakery
Grammie’s Cookie Recipes
Kiss My Cookie
Lust for Cookies
Sugar Rushes Bakery
Sweetie Cookies
Warm Cookies

Rustic, Country, and Southern Bakery Names

Want a rustic country-style vibe for your bakery name? For you farm style, cottage-décor lovers who are ready to open their own bakeshop, you need a name that’s relaxed and rustic. Here’s how to create the perfect shabby chic bakery brand name:

To brainstorm a bakery name idea, start by writing down a list of rustic-styled related words and phrases to use in your naming strategy.

Country-style bakeries could use words in their business name such as; farm, southern, homey, peasant, farmer, Provençal, forest, fields, homestead, backwoods, bucolic, rural, pastoral, pastures, picturesque, simple, homespun, natural, plain, homegrown, southerly and cottage kitchen.

To get you started here’s a list of rustic bakery names – that are available right now!

Sweet Home Goodness
Maple Branch Bakery
Home on Prairie Pies
Homestead Baking
Breezy Farmhouse Baked Goods
Sweet Provençal Pastries
Homey Bakery
Farmhouse Kitchens
Hearth Share Bakers
Farmfield Bakery & Bake Shop
Backcountry bakehouse
The Sweet Woman’s Bakery
Hillbilly Bakers
Fields of Cozy Cookies
Hearth & Sol
Pristine Meadows Bakery
Country Pie House

Healthy Bakery Names Inspiration

Baked goods can be good for your health if they are created with top-quality, organic ingredients. Whether vegan, keto, or gluten-free these business names will boost the health of your bottom line profits.

Dream Bakers
Green Valley Bakery
Home Recipe Bakery
Nature Fresh
Stone Oven Bake House
Sweet Aroma Bakery
The Twisted Churro
Uprising Bakery
Wooden Spoon Bakery
Yummy Baked Goods

Gluten-Free Bakery Names Suggestions

Gluten-free bakeries are a strong trend that has become mainstream in many markets. Build your baking business with a kick-ass name with lots of impact but no gluten!

Creative Treats Bakery
Forgot the Flour Bakery
Gluten-Free Gluttony
Gluteus Minimus
Happy Treats Bakery
No-Wheat Treats
Off The Wheaten Path
Outside the Bread Box
The Wheatless Wonder Bakery
Waive the Grain Bake Shop

French Bakery Name Ideas: Patisseries and Boulangeries

Doesn’t it seem like everything sounds better and tastes more delicious in French! Oui!

For the past few centuries, French has been known for its rich vocabulary and beautiful language. The sound of each word seems like music in itself – whether you’re speaking or tasting them!

So when it comes down to finding your perfect bakery name, why not choose something French? Pourquoi pas?

Considering using these French words to Frenchify your bakery name; sucre, provencal, mademoiselle, madame, monsieur, Amelie’s, Pierre, Marie, Gourmands, Mon Petit, La Belle, Confiture (jam/jelly), and Française.

Whether you’re a French-style bakery (patisseries or boulangerie) or simply a bakeshop who wants to use the beautiful French language to name your shop, here are beaucoup bonne idees (lots of good ideas) for French bakery names.

These ideas for French bakery names are fancy, classy, and refined – just like your french pastries. Bon Appetit!

Looking for French bakery cafe name ideas? Read this list of French restaurant names for cafes and bistros here.

Belle gateau Bakery Cafe
Bon Appetit Sweets
Cannelle Bakery Cafe
Crumbs of Paris
Éclair de Genie
Eiffel of Cakes Bakery
Fait Maison
Framboise Bakery Cafe
French Kisses Bakery
Gourmandise Pastry Shoppe
La Boulangere
La Crème de la Crème
La Vie En Rose Bakery
Le gâteau d’amour
Le Grande Boulangerie
Le Meilleur Cake Shop
Liberte Patisserie
Mon petit chou
Oh la la Bakery
Patisserie Possibilities
Salon Glace
Tout de Sweet

French pastries are famous worldwide and are called Patisseries en Francais. Use some French elan in your bakery name such as these French words  (with the English translation listed):

Des Gateaux Delicieux (delicious cakes)
Chocolat (chocolate)
Lait au Sucre (milk and sugar)
Le Painer (the cart)
Vanille de Francais (French vanilla)
Creme au Chocolate (Chocolate Mousse)
La Petite Palmiers (small pastries)
Petite Four (small square cakes)
Liberte Patisserie
Thé Patisserie Des Tuileries
Des Gateaux et Du Pain (the cake and the bread)
Éclair de Genie (the eclair genius)
Paris Baked Bakery
Crumbs of Paris
Boulangerie Boutique
Corner Confiserie
Vanille (vanilla)
Noisette (hazelnut)
Délicieux! (delicious)
Cannelle (cinnamon)
Framboise (raspberry)
Cerise (Cherry)
French Kisses Patisserie

Italian Bakery Name Ideas

To get started brainstorming an Italian bakery name is to come up with a list of Italy-related words and phrases.

Italian bakeries could use words in their bakery names such as cannoli, anise, panna cotta, cheesecake, pasticceria, forno (bread bakery in Italian – means oven), Rocco, biscotto (cookie in Italian), Caffee (notice the Italian spelling – two F’s), Frutta, crema, pane (bread), and dolce.

Check out these New York Italian bakeries for your naming inspiration

To get you started here’s a list of the best Italian bakery names – that are available right now!

Biscotto bakery
Crema cakes
Sweet Italy
Pane Breads
Dolce Desserts
Forno Bakery
Frutta Tarts
Anise Bakery
Buono Bakery

Macaron Bakery Shop Name Ideas

Super popular now, macarons are pretty colored sweet confections that are eaten like a cookie or used to decorate custom cakes. Ready to start your macaron bakery? Then check out these ideas to name your macaron bakery with a bit of French flair.

Addicted to Macarons
Bake Off! Macarons
Bebe Macarons
Bonjour! Macarons
Dreaming of Macarons
Feather Macarons
French Kiss Macarons
Frenchy Macarons
I Love Macarons
Les Filles Macarons
Macaron Named
Macaron Nation, Inc.
Macrons Circled
Mad for Macarons
Madame Macarons
Mademoiselle Macarons
Macarons Forever
Meringue Magique
Monsieur Macarons
None Better Macarons
Nutty for Macarons
Pleasantly Macarons
Sugar Party Macarons
Sweet Discs Macarons
Sweet Heaven Macarons
Sweet Macaron Chicks
Sweet Paris Macarons
The Mad Macaron!
Viva Macarons
Yummy Macarons

How to Open a Bakery in Your State

Thinking about starting a bakery? Learn how to open your own bakery with these step-by-step business guides specifically written for your US State requirements (Come back and visit again since more states are being published regularly)

How to Open Your Bakery Business in California

How to Start a Baking Business in Florida

How to Open a Bakery in Illinois: Business Startup Guide

How to Start a Bakery in New York: Step by Step Guide

How to Open Your Bakery in Texas, USA

How to Open a Bakery in Virginia: Business Startup Guide

Bakery Names Generator – How to Use for Naming Ideas

If you have not found your just-right bakery business name from the list above try using naming tools like generators. Here are tips for your best results from business name generators

Step 1: Create Bakery Keyword List

To name your bakery start by researching and brainstorming a list of keywords. These are the terms you will enter into the tool. Remember garbage in – garbage out. This means that the better, more focused and creative, are your keywords the better your results will be.

An easy way to brainstorm keywords to use is to use Google. Put in your business type (bakery, cupcake, cake, bread, dessert) plus “keywords”. Scroll through the keyword page and pick up related words.

I found these additional keywords =  artisan, brownies, catering, bouquet, flavors, wedding, birthday, biscuits, home baking, unique, sweet, rose, tasty, angel food.

Another source of creative keywords to use in the name tool is a glossary of baking terms.  Found even more good keywords to input into the name tool – bakers dozen, bloom, caramel, confectioners, cream, glaze, knead, whisk, zest.

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Step 2: Generate Bakery Names

Experiment by entering various keywords – single and multiple variations – into the bakery name generator tool to generate creative names.

Check out the ones I created by using the keyword list I wrote in the prior step.

List of Bakery Name Ideas – Generated and Improved by Me 🙂

Cream Line Bakery
Cream Dreams Desserts
Future Sweets
Earlybird Sweet Donuts
Lady Sweet Cupcakes
Sweets Online
Outrageous Sweet Cakes
Sweet Street Cafe
Champagne Cakes
Mainline Cake
Pro Cakes
Cupcakes Corp
Cupcakes Here
Full Moon Cupcakes

Step 3: Review and Edit Names Ideas

Now let’s take those names you generated and customize them for your ideal bakery name by adding your personal name (Mary, Susie), nickname (Baby, Queenie) or town name/region (NYC, Tri-State, Southern).

Create a shortlist of ones you like. Next step is where we will pick your final name.

Step 4: Select Final Bakery Brand Name

The final step in naming your bakery is to ask your customers, employees, friends, and family to give their opinions about your name options. Have a list of 3-4 choices and ask them which they like best and why. Try not to influence them so you get their true opinion. Ask them for any name suggestions they can think of. Some of the best names have come from about this way.

Step 5: Trademark Your Bakery Name

Congratulations on creating your new business name! Now let’s protect it from your competitors. Register your business name by trademarking it affordably at Legalzoom.  They will research the marketplace to be sure your desired name is not taken and will then protect it with legal registration.

Step 6: Reserve your Bakery Domain Name

Check to see if your intended name is available as an internet domain name for your website. Use this domain search tool because if your exact name is not available, it will offer many suggested names that are not taken.

Famous Bakery Names

Get inspired to name your bakery by reviewing these famous bakery names. Use the best bakery names in the world to brainstorm your own perfect company name:

Best Bakeries in America

Pinkitzel Cupcakes & Candy

One Sweet Slice

Pink Cake Box

Whipped Bakeshop

Sweet Confections

Buttercream Cakes and Desserts

The Ambrosia Bakery

Jacques Fine European Pastries

Amélie’s French Bakery and Café

Sticky Fingers Bakery

Merridee’s Breadbasket

Read the full list here

Best Bakeries in Europe

The Hummingbird Bakery

Antoinette’s Bakery

Café Fräulein

Bakeshop Praha

La Pastisseria Barcelona

Read the full list here

Best Bakeries in India

Albert Bakery

Thom’s Café

Nahoum and Sons

How do I create a unique bakery name?

Defense Bakery
Read the full list here

FAQ About Bakery Name Ideas

How do I create a unique bakery name?

Try creating a unique bakery name by combining words from two different sources: your personality (fun, quirky, loud) and the ingredients that you use (vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon).

For example, if you’re really outgoing and like to bake pies, then “Pie-licious Pies” would be a good choice! Or, if you are a hippy chick and bake bread consider naming your bakery – Love+Flour. You get the idea – add your personality for totally unique (and memorable name ideas).

If you want to come up with more unique bakery name ideas, why don’t you pick out something that represents your business? Maybe the location of your shop (downtown, riverside, Farm) or maybe even just a word that evokes emotion (and a pang of hunger for baked goods) such as; savor; scrumptious, satisfy or cherish.

Is a bakery a good business?

Bakery is a great business because it’s typically recession-resistant – people don’t stop wanting baked goods. As a result, customer demand is strong, consistent, and year-round.

Bread, cakes, and cookies are usually substantially cheaper to produce than fresh foods (such as burgers and salads). Thus, bakeries have more potential for high margins in lean economic times.

Baked goods are one of the major drivers of retail food sales globally. The global bakery market is forecast to exceed USD 116 billion by 2024, according to Business Wire.

Custom cake decoration has remained strong due to people looking for easy yet elegant ways to personalize their cakes.

Bakers can choose to work with a large or small variety of baked goods or specialize in just one product line: bread, pies, cheesecake, or cupcakes. This type of industry flexibility allows bakers to indulge their passions, practice their talents and expand as the market and their desires lead.

How much money do bakery owners make?

I’ve consulted for many bakeries over the years. In my experience, most bakery owners make between $50k and $80k per year. According to ZipRecruiter, top earners (very few) earn over $135,000, and the lowest (small shops or part-time bakers) make approximately $25,500.

Your baker’s salary will be affected by your sales volume, pricing minus expenses, and overhead.  

Learn more about startup costs, profit margins, and bakers salaries in my bakery costing guide here

Are bakeries profitable?

Bakeries can be rather profitable, depending on several factors. The type of bakery and size all play a part in how reliably profitable they are from year to year. The location of your bakery will also have an impact, and customer loyalty has to be considered.

According to Resourceful CEO, the average bakery profit margin is 4-6%, with the highest margin bakeries making a gross profit margin of 9-20%. 

The real key to profiting from a bakery is based on how much turnover you have to be baked regularly and sold at the full retail price before going stale (which varies by type of product too).

Bakery stores have the advantage of longer refrigerated shelf life and higher retail prices. Wholesale bakeries typically turn inventory more quickly, but this can be a disadvantage since they don’t get to take as much profit from each item sold.

How do you price baked goods?

Know that the best way to create a sustainable business is by charging enough for your products so that you can at least cover all of your costs and make a small profit.

Industry-standard formula to calculate COGS (Cost of Goods) is per serving + labor costs per item + Variable overhead costs.

I recommend that you get a copy of the Book of Yields to find average weights and calculate your recipes by weight to determine your costs per ounce or gram.  Then you can more accurately price your baked goods to cover your expenses and make a profit also.

Here is advice from a professional bakery owner on Reddit – once you find the cost per, say of a dozen cupcakes, divide that by 12 to determine the cost of 1 cupcake. Most restaurants want a food cost between 20-30%, so you can divide the price of 1 cupcake by .20 or .30 to find sale cost. Ex, if it costs $12 to produce a dozen cupcakes, it costs $1 to make each cupcake. So with a food cost of 20%, the selling price would be $5 per cupcake, with a cost of 30% the sale price would be $3.35.

Once you know your general cost range, you can calculate your entire recipe, divide by the number of servings to get your ingredient cost.   From Sunshine Bakers of New Jersey, Susan Clark says, “I multiply the cost by four and then fudge it depending on how laborious it is. The markup accounts for labor and packaging.”

What licenses are needed for a bakery?

Your bakery licensing requirement will vary depending on what type of bakery you plan to open, wholesale, retail, mail-order, or online, and your particular city and US State of operations. However, these are the licenses typically required to sell your baked goods listed below.

To find out exactly which licenses are required by your State for bakeries, search using the business license lookup tool.

Next Steps to Start Your Bakery:

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